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Restore – Fruit Essence Drink (10 Sachets)


Restore – Fruit Essence Drink

Restore is a beauty drink that is enriched with plant stem cells, botanical extracts and fruit essence. Consume ONE sachet a day and experience outstanding improvement – and experience a more radiant and beautiful skin in less time. The combination of ingredients provides your skin with nutrients, anti-oxidants and liposomes for accelerated skin repair and anti-aging protection. The ingredients works to boost our own skin stem cell effectiveness.

  • Helps with Skin and cell regeneration for better and beautiful skin
  • Promotes Anti Aging for removing lines and wrinkles
  • Helps produce Anti-Oxidants for clearer and more radiant skin
  • Aids in Natural UV protection
  • Aids in natural collagen regeneration and growth
  • Helps improve eye health and vision

Contains 7 powerful plant and fruit – natural ingredients: Apple Stem Cell, Argan Stem Cell, Grape extract (Powergrape), Astaxanthin,

Pomegranate Concentrate, Acai Berry extract, and Blueberry extract.

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