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COGNI:MIND -Nutritional Drink for your Brain!


COGNI:MIND is a comprehensive natural product which enables the brain to continually perform at elevated energy levels and to be constantly active, engaged and dynamic for peak performance. Formulated by healthcare researchers and medical professionals, using proprietary extraction techniques developed in Singapore. 

  • Clarity of thought process
  • Greater mental stamina
  • Improved calmness and concentration
  • Improved memory retention
  • Increased mental and physical energy
  • Greater focus and process efficiency

For students: who need that extra CLARITY, MEMORY, CALMNESS & STAMINA to focus on and excel in their studies.

For Athletes: who need the extra mental ENERGY, EDGE & FOCUS  to win against their peers who train just as hard...... if not harder

For Any Worker: who need the extra STAMINA, ENERGY & CLARITY to meet that crucial deadline and get through the day without feeling too exhausted to have a life.


Life can get you down with routine and excessive mental load requirements day in day out. Mental fatigue can result in low performance in school, work, and sports.

Instead of using dangerous, side-effect causing steroids and new age drugs, you can fortify and improve your own natural mental, cognitive performance with Cogni:Mind, made from a clinically-proven blend of Earth-sourced power herbs and intrinsic nutrients.

Featuring Withania somnifera, Curcumin, Bacopa monieri, Phyllantus umbilica, Asparagus racemosus amongst herbs long known to enhance cognitive perceptions and memory, and ATP cycle compounds critical to trigger these herbs, the critically fine-tuned formula of synergistic ingredients in Cogni:Mind work on a cellular level to optimize your brains ability to utilise the increase energy (ATP), and boost cognitive potency.

STAMINA : Allows sustained energy release for improved mental stamina

MEMORY : Improves memory retention

CREATIVITY : Optimum synaptic activity in the rain for optimum creative function

AGILITY : Provides quick synaptic activity for faster thought reflex

MOOD : Ingredients to keep you calm, focused and productive

ENERGY : Promotes greater energy release to avoid mental and physical fatigue

For best results, it is recommended that Cogni:Mind be taken daily at breakfast to increase and maintain its effectiveness over time.

Cogni: Mind is Vegetarian-friendly and contains no, stimulants, banned substances, or other additives.

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